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From the North Dakota oil fields to the Gulf of Mexico, where there is energy opportunity, Eckard Global is the experienced and trusted energy asset management firm at your side.

Offers you cannot refuse

Before you decide to sell your mineral rights make sure you receive the highest value for your minerals. Eckard Global has been helping mineral owners over two decades facilitate their mineral rights.

Whether you are sitting in North Dakota or Texas, if you have mineral rights you would like us to evaluate, contact our operations department for a mineral property valuation.

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Matthew Marchiori,
VP, Operations
Shale basins

Mineral Investments

Diversified mineral portfolio Across major oil Basins

Eckard Global vets each mineral property using multiple variables to make informed investment decisions in oil and gas.

Make the right decisions with the best market intelligence

Location, location, location

Find leases and wells in our core and premium core areas, and have confidence in your investments.

Total transparency

The terms and wells in our core and premium core areas in the Bakken and have confidence in your investment.

Not all operators are equal

See how your potential operator stacks up against others in the area with our unique grading system.

What‘s happening on the ground?

Choose from permitted, AFE, and inventory wells. Each supports different investment opportunities and goals.

Let us help you find what you are looking for.